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Values-Driven Technical Solutions for the Federal Government

The cornerstone of our mission is service to our country and the military community.

That’s what drives our leadership, services, and solutions. GTSC™ was formed to support, empower, and lift up those who, like many of us, have committed so much of their lives to serving our country.

And since most of us at GTSC™ have served in some capacity, we understand the unique needs of military members, their families, and federal agencies. That enables us to deliver practical, effective, and valuable solutions that benefit the community.

Our team includes former military leaders, management consultants, counselors, statisticians, designers and writers, social media specialists, website and software developers, cyber security and AI experts, strategic communications and eLearning experts, and talent acquisition specialists.

GTSC™ Companies

Explore the GTSC™ companies that support our overall mission.

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Advantage Engineering & IT Solutions (AEITS)

Advantage Engineering provides comprehensive, next-gen cyber security and systems engineering solutions to defense, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies.


Datawiz has years of experience in Building, Securing, and Managing IT infrastructure, Datawiz has significantly contributed to customers in defining an IT roadmap - making their vision come to life.

GTSC Talent Solutions

GTSC™ Talent Solutions creates efficient talent pipelines and engaging recruitment campaigns to improve the efficacy of our clients’ hiring and onboarding operations and support their overall goals.


The Bowen Group

The Bowen Group delivers diverse health and wellness solutions to the military community, applying technical skills, strategic communications, and first-hand knowledge to create beneficial, quality-of-life services.

Explore Our Technical Services

From technical solutions like software design and development, PaaS, strategic communications for military engagement and veterans outreach, behavioral health services, financial wellness, and talent recruitment, GTSC™ delivers services that make a positive impact on active duty military, veterans, their families, as well as U.S. government agencies.

Meet our Leadership Team

A clear mission and excellent results start with definitive leadership. Meet the GTSC™ leaders who spearhead our solutions, progress, and vision.

What Our Clients Say

“This contract, this team has been a joy to work with. The synergy is great, the work the team does, what we’ve accomplished together has been amazing. I’m very proud of that work and so appreciative.”

— Military Community Outreach Director 

“The close coordination between the government and GTSC teams and the dedication to continued improvement of our digital portfolio is greatly appreciated. Thank you all for a job well done!”

— Government Employee 

Careers at GTSC™

Be part of a team that makes a worldwide, long-lasting, positive impact. Explore jobs in IT, health and wellness, communications, and more!